Truth or Dare: Best Fun Game for Any Company

Who needs a holiday to meet and play with friends? You can meet anywhere in a cozy place or outside, take a seat, eat, drink to ensure that everything is even better, listen to each other's stories (drink again), and then entertainment time comes, so as not to dive into boredom. Luckily, everything has already been invented a long time ago! Truth or Dare is a world-famous game that will never let a company of friends get bored in any situation.

Probably everyone, at least once, has played this classic game. Someone played it a long time ago, when they were a child, and someone continues to play it now, gathering with colleagues at a bar after a hard working day. Because this game, no matter where you are or who you are with, can make your time spending much brighter. There are absolutely no restrictions for it.

But let's move aside from common phrases and get acquainted with the game itself, i.e. with an app of the same name, a little closer. Here we go!

The Rules

So, the first thing to start with is the rules. As for the players, their number is unlimited. Unless, at least, there must be two of you, otherwise, well, the game will not be that interesting... But I hope that there's, at least, one friend that you have (haha), and such issues will not arise ;)

All players go in an orderly fashion. Each player has the right to choose between "Truth" or "Dare". If you choose "Truth", you will need to read out loud the question you see on the screen and then answer it honestly (honestly!), so that all other players can hear it. It is necessary to answer not only honestly but also specifically without moving away from the question. If you are a brave person and choose "Dare", then, of course, you need to read aloud the task itself, and then do exactly as it is written on the screen.

Of course, there may be such unpleasant situations like when one of the players does not want to answer a question or perform an action (whether he/she is embarrassed, can't, doesn't want to - the reasons may vary, but it's not that important). What's important though is the fact of refusal. In this case, all the other players have the right to think up some punishment for the person. There can be, for example, your own (dirty?) question or some other action ("Yo, get me some more snacks from the kitchen!").

Unfortunately, some of the actions proposed by the app can not always be performed at the place where you are. In this case, it is fair to choose "Dare" again. The penalty for such a player should not be applied, as it is not his/her fault.

At the beginning of each game, you will be asked to add names of the players to the list. After everyone's added, you can start. As mentioned earlier, the players will choose between "Truth" and "Dare" in the order in which they were added to the list.

Initially, there are already plenty of questions and tasks in the game. But this number can be significantly increased by using 2 methods.


According to statistic of app software developers. Truth or Dare app will never let you and your friends get bored. This game can be played (almost) anywhere, whenever and with anyone. Play to know each other better or to break the ice. Play at work, at school or university, play on a train or plane. It's fun, unusual and entertaining. Trust me, you'll get tired of laughing but won't be able to stop. There's no need to come up with sophisticated and weird game ideas when you got Truth or Dare. Sometimes โ€œsimpleโ€ is the best option! Don't get too relaxed though. This may appear more challenging than you think, but that's the coolest thing after all.

P.S. I'd recommend you choose "Dare" more often because that's more fun.